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When Allan Walker of Westlands Angling, Singleshorne in Hull approached UK manufacturers of steel wire fencing, Hampton Steel Ltd, to produce 2000m of otter fencing to his own specification, Hampton's rose to the challenge with Hampton NET™.

With six lakes set aside for angling and with some prize fish to protect, the safe exclusion of otters is crucial to Mr. Walker, but not at the expense of the landscape; a boundary that could be aesthetically sympathetic was equally as important.

Hampton Steel Ltd, UK manufacturer, is the proud sponsor of the Northamptonshire Young Farmers Fencing Competition on 25th May and the North Bucks Country Show, 1st June.

Providing the product for both shows' fencing competitions, visitors will be able to enjoy a wealth of talented fencing specialists from across the counties.

January's LAMMA marked the start of Hampton's 2013 show calendar and, despite the sub zero temperatures, business was reassuringly "as usual" for the influx of seasoned agricultural visitors.

As one of the UK's premier steel wire fencing manufacturers, Hampton Steel produce a wide range of products for the agricultural sector including equine fencing, hinge joint fencing, sheep netting and more recently Hampton NET™, but they are also one of the largest manufacturers of chain link fencing for the leisure, commercial and transport sectors.

Manufactured in the UK only by Hampton Steel Ltd, Hampton NET™ was recently put to the test by expert deer farmer and Veterinary Surgeon Dr John Fletcher on his farm in Fife. The fencing tested, the 13/190/15 pattern, was selected for its suitability in providing a safe enclosure for the red deer farmed by John, however, another alternative popular pattern is 17/190/15 which features 17 line wires and is suitable where smaller species such as muntjac need to be excluded or contained. Following the six month trial, John confirmed that Hampton NET™ had proven itself to be 'robust and well able to withstand pressure from deer'.

UK steel wire fencing manufacturer, Hampton Steel Ltd, is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as a distributor for the Gripple range of wire joining products for the UK market.
'As one of the UK's largest manufacturers of steel wire fencing, we pride ourselves on the high quality of both our products and the service we provide our customers.

UK Manufacturer, Hampton Steel Ltd, were recently approached to design a bespoke fencing system suitable to enclose three bears rescued from a circus in Belgium which were being re-homed at Five Sister's Zoo in West Lothian. It was a long, but ultimately immensely rewarding, journey for both the bears and the team at Five Sisters.