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Latest News - Hampton Metal Strainer Systems

Hampton Metal Strainer Systems

Hampton are pushing the industry forward again as they launch their own Hampton Metal Strainer Systems.

Incorporating angle strainer and box strainer options, users of the new Hampton metal strainer systems can benefit from the superior durability and versatility of these ingenious metal designs.

The Hampton metal strainer system is easy to assemble and quick to install providing a hassle free option that will last in excess of thirty years in normal conditions. Featuring a Hampton designed stainless steel post/strut connector, a change in the fence direction is simple with either the angle or box intermediate system. Multiple struts can be attached to any Hampton strainer post.

“The Research and development team have worked incredibly hard to design the metal strainer assembly systems. Tasked with providing solutions that are easy to install, versatile and with the superior strength needed, the end result is UK manufactured box and angle strainer systems that are worthy additions to the Hampton product range; the perfect partner for our intermediate metal post system, StapleloK”, said Mark Johnson, Managing Director of Hampton Steel Ltd.

This excellent long-life alternative to traditional timber strainer assemblies is lightweight yet incredibly strong. The heavily galvanised tubular construction allows strainers to be erected easily, often without the need for pre-augured holes. Hand held post drivers can be used, offering a real benefit when rough terrain prevents vehicular access. Installers can discard their chain saws and the heavy machinery usually required for the installation of timber straining posts; the Hampton Metal Strainer Systems are straightforward, uncomplicated alternatives to wood, manufactured in the UK only by Hampton Steel Ltd.

The versatility of these innovative new strainer systems is impressive; the strainer posts are offered in various lengths suitable for fence heights up to 2.6 metres high and pre-drilled bolt holes on the strainer posts help ensure the fence does not lift under tension across undulating terrain.

Combined with Hampton’s intermediate metal post system, StapleloK, customers can be assured of a fully integrated metal post system that delivers on all counts; quality, strength, versatility and durability.

Hampton Steel continue to develop and build on their already extensive product range, the introduction of their own Metal Strainer Systems is just one in a line of research products that they will be looking to introduce.